Blanch-O Xoloitzcuintli


About Blancho



Me and my wife Debbie have traveled all over the world showing dogs for us as well as for clients.

We have seen many Xolos in the years of travel.

In 2001 while at a show in Mexico City we met with Rivera/Cortez one of the World's top breeders of Xolos, watching there dogs in the rings around the world they where vary consistent in looks and type.

We where offered a little girl and that was Reyna, 4 years later again at a Mexican show in Tijuana  we found Serrano at Caliente kennels.

Since then it is all history we now have 5 lines and all 3 sizes, after breeding many breeds over the 42 years we are sorry we did not start with Xolos from the beginning, they are wonderful!


What Size


Height is measured at the highest point of the withers.


Toy: Height at withers at least ten, and up to and including 14 inches


Miniature: Height at withers over 14 inches, and up to and including 18 inches


Standard: Height at withers over 18 inches, and up to and including 23 inches.


Dogs less than 10 inches, or over 24 inches are disqualified


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